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We have the perfect opportunity to address the Trustees before the Planning Commission sends them their recommendation!

There will be an open discussion portion of the Board meeting as there is in EVERY Township Board Meeting. If we can replicate what we did in the second meeting when everyone was prepared and spoke so well, I think we may have a chance to persuade a least three of them. This is the real fight. This where we will make a difference with a very LOUD voice, because these people are ELECTED. And their terms are up next year. We need to look these people in the eye and tell them to stop this rezone

Send whatever you have to them directly now even if you sent it to the Planning Commission. I do not know how much “editing” was done to the information sent to them by Lucas and Gordon, however, the Trustees need to see everything we have worked so hard on, especially the work refuting Eastbrook Homes, which the Planning Commission didn’t even consider (as evidenced by there complete reliance on Eastbrook Home response to our work, not once did they quote our work…. another example of how in collusion these planning commissioners are with EB). The trustee Board Meeting is July 10 @The Barber School. I strongly suggest we all return and repeat what we did so successfully with the Planning Commission, and show the Trustees how we feel in PERSON.

This fight wont be won by standing on the sidelines hoping someone will save the day. We all have to participate, even if that simply means coming to the Board Meeting and supporting others who speak out. We also need volunteers to help with organizing and small projects that help get the word out and keep things rolling. Please consider offering your help to this group that has been trying for three months to FORSTALL this development. We are looking ahead to elections and a possible referendum if the Trustees are as unbending on this project as the Planning Commissioners were.

If you are serious about stopping this development and probable further development through out the tri-cities area, get involved NOW. RIGHT NOW! Once the land has been approved for rezone, Eastbrook WILL NOT WAIT to begin the destruction and redevelopment of this last remaining piece of agricultural and open green space in Spring Lake. PERIOD STOP DONE FOREVER If you want to help in any way, large or small, let me know. Place your name here, PM me, whatever works. And…… GO TO THE TRUSTEE MEETING AND PROTEST

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