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TRUSTEES on the fence!

As most of you know. The Trustees decided to table the rezone and ask our Drain Commissioner, Joe Bush, to give a report. We don't agree that Joe is the man to do this sensitive review that will entail not only Spring Lale, but all the bayous and our great Lake Michigan as well.

We are working on contacting other professionals in the specific field of watershed management and our own Dr. Jennifer Lynn Jermalowicz-Jones who IS a PHD professional has offered her services to the Township. She will be providing a report whether she is “hired” or not.

But this is what YOU can do now!

Write up your horror stories with flooding. Write about all the expenses you've had, the damages, the untruths told to you...being ignored by builders or the Township. I know we all did this for the Planning Commission, and it's a drag to do it again, BUT

We have to do it again now that the Trustees are actually listening to us!

We had three Trustees questioning this rezone. If we had had a fourth that’s enough to stop this ridiculous rezone in its tracks. The Trustees have to hear from us. Some think we are “Karen’s” and hypocrites for wanting to halt this construction of a small city in our midst.

Ron Bultje was more concerned about the developer's “profit” on their land then how this rezone will affect 1000’s of families.

The Chairman of the Planning Commission, Greg Latsch, came into the meeting towards the end, and sat next to and chatted with EB, not the residents he represents The trustees have been shielded from a lot of this information.

And remember.... Jerry Rabideau was on the Planning Commission that recommended the Master Plan change that started all this. He was an internal part of pushing this forward until he was appointed Supervisor.

He may sound perplexed and frustrated but this was his plan too. Until the citizens caught on. We are very close now. The next month is critical and your help is needed now more than ever. Let’s DO this!

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