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Updated: Mar 16

The SLTWP Trustees have shown us that they DO NOT CARE about what the residents want or do not want, in their own neighborhoods!

After 9 months of constant lobbying, email write-ins, contentious Planning Commission Meetings and Trustees that do not listen (with a few notable exceptions), the Trustees passed, AGAINST THE VEHEMENT PROTESTS OF THE COMMUNITY, a rezone that will allow Eastbrook Homes to build 300 homes on "Poels" Blueberry farm.

Our response to the Trustees decision was to organize a referendum that would place the decision to rezone, in the hands of the residents.

As we prepare for the upcoming vote, we will be actively seeking new representatives for our community. All trustees, the Supervisor and the Clerk are up for election next year.

Our goal is to have completely new "management" in the Township by 2025.

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