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So does everyone know what the SLTWP Trustees decided about the lawsuit filed against them by Eastbrook Homes?

They choose to acquiesce to the developers and allow them to build 195 homes on the old Poels Farm.

This dispite NINE LONG MONTHS of protests, a change dot org petition, and a referendum signed and passed by over 2,000 residents, the trustees chose to side with the developers, Eastbrook (P5).

They attempted to silence our protests and concerns by doing this. They expect us to behave like “family” now.

These Planning Commission members:

Greg Latsch

Jack Ketchum

Harry Dick

Kelly Clark

Russ Tiles



Are responsible for spending years manipulating Township resources and working with Eastbrook to change the Master Plan to allow Eastbrook to request a rezone so that they could ultimately build their city of 353 homes in our semi rural Township.

Their decisions violated the “good faith” the community should have had, when the PC chose to go against citizens' survey, whose main directive to the Township, was to improve the health of Spring Lake and preserve open green space and agricultural land.

The Planning Commission made the decision to do the exaxt opposite, as did the Trustees in their comments on their decision, claiming additional housing is needed.

Claiming we need more housing…….there are currently over 200 homes or properties available today in Spring Lake.

The prices range from low to high.

The development Eastbrook has in mind will not be that way ever. They plan to begin selling the homes @ $750,000. That's NOT affordable housing by anyone measure.


responsible for the lawsuit resolution.

Jerry Rabideau (also on Planning Commission)

Carolyn Boresma (also on Planning Commission)

Jim Koster

Ande Scherf

Ernie Petrus

Cathy Pavick

You should be outraged at this power play. Why? Because it has set a precedent for developers everywhere now. They know they can manipulate our Planning Commission and the Trustees will be helpless again.

And finally, after asking, demanding, pleading with Gordon Gallagher, the township manager to return the MP to some semblance of what the residents want and protect us from this kind of takeover by a developer, Gordon has answered me to say unequivocally that the Township


So what have we learned or accomplished? Nothing. The current Township Management Team will do nothing to keep this from happening again and again and again and have said so via Gordon Gallagher. They will continue to morph Spring Lake until it looks like every other small town in America crowded with dollar generals, overdeveloped subdivision after subdivision with enormous retaining pond spewing water which is of use to no one including the wildlife whose habitat has been taken from them.

Everything we value as residents will be over run and devalued, just like the current management team has devalued our two surveys and nine months of protest, and is happy to accommodate EB in building the largest subdivision in Spring Lake. Over twice the size of any subdivision in Spring Lake. There is nothing preventing EB from now purchasing more land around the proposed subdivision as it will be zoned R2 and presto! We have another 100 homes or more. Sheer madness and incompetence.

We need BIG changes. We need them NOW and we have the opportunity to do that in November.

Consider joining our FB group if you feel as I do.

Spring Lake Twp Citizens Group

We dont have to be captive to the people, who are just like us, who are not listening or performing at their jobs. We can do better, much better.

Think about running for trustee or supervisor. We’ve had the same clerk for decades.

It’s way past time for change.

BE THE CHANGE for a better more transparent more connected more responsive leadership, who represent their neighbors and tax paying citizens, not the greedy developers who would take very inch of Paradise and turn it into a parking lot.

Apply for a position at the Township offices by April 24, we will have your back. ❤️🙏

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