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As we approach the next Trustee Meeting in September, I’d like to applaud and complement the Trustees and Commissioners who have attempted to aid and understand the concerns of the residents and have made their voices known to their respective Boards

and to us, the public!

First and foremost is Trustee Ellen Delarosa-Pearn.

She has been our advocate even before we were aware of these developments. Her involvement has been critical to slowing down the process with thoughtful questions and finally her strong objection at the last Trustee meeting set the stage for other trustees to question Carolyn’s hold on the Board. Ellen stuck to RR and held her ground. No one deserves more praise than Ellen for standing up against the old boys network and Carolyn’s iron fist.

Cathy Pavick Trustee

Cathey has questioned the validity of the Master Plan change. She too would like to see RR as the responsible choice for this property. Her questions and concerns reflect many of ours.

Russ Tiles PC Commissioner

Russ was the only commissioner who understood how many homes would be allowed on the land if rezoned to R2! The only one! He questioned the practicality of a development this large. He is also the only PC Commissioner to vote NO on the proposal, despite pressure from the other commissioners to conform with their vote.

Ande Scherf

Ande is new to the trustees and has also questioned why the Master Plan was changed to the opposite of what the residents desires are. He has also been willing to consider RR as the best choice for this property.

Let them know you appreciate their efforts on our behalf! ❤️🙏🏻

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