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Planning Commission approves rezone

The Planning Commission covered their ass by rereading for the millionth time what the PC’s job is. Then they read EB’s (non)responses to the ordinance (not one of ours) and then passed it with one exception, Russ Tiles

The audience was vocal at times and although the aboard listened to resident comments, before the vote, they choose to ignore them. Ketchup was particularly vocal about preferring an R4 for this development! Although the Board demanded decorum of the residents, one Board member and in particular was extremely rude and non professional. Slapping the microphone when asked to speak up. Rolling here eyes.

Yes, Carolyn who is the liaison to the Trustees is completely behind this development and she will be “liaising” with the Trustees. That means she will tell them what she want them to hear. I would suggest that Carolyn be one of the first that we recall. Her attitude is condescending and frankly, she thinks she runs the Planning Commission and no doubt feels she is the power behind the supervisor as well. See for yourself and make your own decisions on who you want to continue to represent you. These are NOT those people.

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