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Good morning trustees,

The question of what is density and how much is too much seems to be an issue that has not been addressed in a manner specific to this rezone and this particular piece of land.

The problems with allowing 281 will be no different than 353. 281 homes will produce the same amount of drainage, flooding and run-off, the same amount of problems with traffic, schools, crime, and overcrowding. It does not solve the issue to simply kick the can down the road and shrug and say R1.

If the Planning commission had left the Master Plan alone, just as the residents wanted it to be, the properties in the 250 acres would have evolved naturally into less dense more compatible neighborhoods. As it should be.

The property in question can still indeed, evolve naturally, but R1 is not the answer or a “compromise” as no compromise is necessary. If the property now zoned as AG which is what EB purchased it at) is changed to RR, you will still have development. Smaller, softer, less invasive and with less damage to the environment , surrounding properties and without further polluting Spring Lake and Lake Michigan, and the surrounding 150 acres will evolve along with the 97 organically. The Master Plan can be easily changed to match this confirmation, as that is what is was before.

Eastbrook homes should not get special treatment. They have no beans in the game other than their purchase and subsequent arrangement with the Planning Commission. The rest of residents have their livelihoods, homes, property, lifestyle, their schools, safety and the health of our beautiful Spring Lake in the balance.

Jerry mentioned that of the 10,000 residents in Spring Lake, we are just a small voice. Well, this is where the issue is and 99% of the people here do not want this rezone.

It’s not practical and frankly self serving to think all of Spring Lake would come to meetings for this particular issue, even if they are invested in it. However I do know that many/most of them will vote in referendums and in a ballot proposition.

I do not enjoy stating the obvious, however, Jerry Rabideau was on the Planning Commission for most if not all of the discussion regarding the Master Plan and the rezone, should he recuse himself from the vote?

I also disagree that the PC did any heavy lifting at all. What they did was pave the way for Eastbrook Homes to develop the Poels Blueberry Farm. That should be perfectly clear by now. No studies done on drainage or run-off, no robust public discussions, not one challenge to EB’s answers to the ordinance 109 by any commissioner, while they ignored the residents responses to the same ordinance even thou 4 additional pieces of land where found that are suitable for building and an addition 100 acres off Boom road was shared with Jerry and Gordon last week. There were also numerous other points that the residents disproved which went completely unrecognized and unconsidered by the Planning Commission.

It’s clear the due diligence was not done in a manner to protect and safe guard the community and current residents or Spring Lake. The sole effort was directed at giving EB a clear shot at developing this parcel as they desired.

Further In the last Planning Commission meeting Lukas presented another rezone. On one of the parcels the PC “gifted” the residents on the other side of the property in question, a parcel we did not request to be changed, “staff” requested the change. He is not even waiting to see if you uphold the MP change or the rezone. These are the kinds of things that infuriate the residents.

Ron Bultje likes to quote from a lot of municipal newsletters and documents about proper procedures and the correct way to conduct a municipal business. Apparently he forgot about the statement that supports the slow growth of newly rezoned land so that the community surrounding it can grow into the new designation. You rarely build something like this immediately, and you rarely jump from AG to R2 in one action. It’s just bad Planning.

RR will allow slow but steady growth and the ability to control or mitigate any damage that may come from that growth. R2-1 is a catastrophic change that should not happen. Especially since no one profits except Eastbrook Homes, and that’s not the way we should do this.

If EB sues, it is because the Planning Commission DID NOT do their due diligence in the rush to support EB, and passed this rezone as is.

That action alone opened the door to legal recourse.

I’d like to thank the Trustees who challenged some of the suppositions given to them by the Planning Commission and are thinking outside the box you are put in. The issues here are too serious not to take the time to make it right. I urge you to continue to do just that.

Thank you for your time and serious consideration of my email.

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