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It would seem that the Township and Ron Bultje would rather put the onus on the residents to do the “heavy lifting” by voting R1 and forcing the community to run a petition referendum to stop Eastbrook.

Instead of using their own attorney, who is soooo reluctant to sue Eastbrook, they have left it to us to do the job.

I ask why do we even need these Boards and Officers if they don’t even do the minimum of what is required of them.

Now it is we, the citizens, who are footing the bill, taking the chances, walking the entire length and width of Spring Lake, getting signitures to put this on a ballot.

Then we are being asked to run that ballot petition like a candidate on the next official ballot vote.

We are doing the work the Township should have done and could have prevented if Jerry had voted “No” on the rezone.

Any of the trustees that voted “yes” do not belong in our Township governance.

Just think about this a minute,

We are doing the attorneys work for him.

The Trustees are so bullied by Ron that they would rather risk their jobs and allow the citizens to show them up and do their work for them than vote what they know to be the right thing.

When we succeed with the ballot petition and we vote the rezone down, we need to concentrate on removing certain individuals NEXT YEAR.

Jerry - Supervisor up for election

Ernie, Andre - trustees up for election

Carolyn - clerk up for election

Think about running, these are part time positions and you could help make a huge difference in the lifestyles of your neighbors and friends and your family.

If we don’t start making these changes and we continue with the same people in charge, NOTHING will change. NOTHING

If you have questions or are even a little interested in helping out by running, would you let me know, so I can support you?! ❤️🙏🏻

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